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5 Reasons Children Should Use Cell Phones In Class

This article has some very good points, but I could also see how it would be a controversial topic.  I thought it was funny how the teacher said, “put away your wands.”  This is a problem that is going to be forever increasing in our classroom. Technology will continue to pose more of a distraction as times continue on.

Being in recruiting-they bring up a good point about jobs and the importance of using smart phones in any role today, and that is completely relevant. We do need to EDUCATE our students, instead of hiding from the realities. The other piece of the article that particularly stands out to me is about the  double standards. If students cant have technology, than teachers shouldn’t either. If a student cant use an IPAD in class, an administrator should lead by example.



Twitter Inspiration- All time favorite Education #quote


This sums up my thoughts beautifully. Not only do I LOVE Natalie Portman, the girls got brains. She went to Harvard, didn’t she?  I completely agree with her, and this is a perfect quote to reflect upon during my last week of graduate school. I look back. The road feels so long, yet so short. I contemplated many times why I decided to go back to school. I had several people tell me it was crazy! Working a crazy busy job, and having no free time, how would I survive? I don’t love studying. Heck- I really hate studying. But, how many nights did I electively stay up to finish just one more paper, or read something just one more time. No one sat there making me do it. I realized on this journey, I do love to learn. A stagnant brain is a brain that is dying. If you aren’t learning, you are slowly dying. To be challenged, to think, to write. These are all elements that push you to be better. Do better. Learning is beautiful.

The price of anythingis the amount of lifeyou exchange for it.~ Henry David Thoreau#quotes— Ashi Labouisse (@AshiLabouisse) July 17, 2014

I love Henry David Thoreau quotes, and I especially love this one. If you really dive into the meaning of this quote, it reminds me of that new Miranda Lambert song, “Automatic.”  It is basically saying that EVERYTHING in life that means something, takes some sort of effort, some sort of “life” to achieve. To be handed everything means you work for nothing-and what sense of accomplishment comes from this? Meaning is based solely on what it took to get there. The sweat, blood and tears of anything make the victory so much more beautiful. I have learned in my life, that nothing good comes without hard work. Everything I have achieved has been through self motivation. When you want to give up, keep pushing even harder. You never know what beauty is waiting for you:)

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." – Einstein— Great Minds Quotes (@GreatestQuotes) July 16, 2014

This is as the first time I have embedded a tweet, how cool!
I am obsessed with twitter because of the quotes.  I am constantly on pinterest looking at different banners, etc-all ways to post different quotes. I just recently found that twitter has many individuals and companies you can follow that are filled with inspirational quotes.
This is my all time favorite. Do you look at your glass half empty, or half full? That’s what this quote is really getting at. If you start analyzing EACH piece of something as a gift, everything else seems like a gift. It might suck that your in traffic and your late and you need to get to work. But, aren’t you lucky you have a car? Or what about a few minutes to sip your coffee in piece. Perception, my friends.


Brain Rules!

To start- Great advertising for Brain Rules.

In my first five minutes exploring Brain Rules, the first link i clicked on says:

“What’s the best way to raise a smart, happy child through age 5? Scientists know. Brain Rules for Baby offers parents facts-not just advice, in an engaging, practical way.”

Well-this sold me right off the bat. So I kept reading. It was very interesting to me that he stated that stressed brains do not learn the same way.  I found myself completely hooked on the website. The interesting facts such as “vision trumps all senses” and just learning how the different factors influence learning was really fascinating to me.

I am obsessed with health and balance of mind and body, and brain rules really dives into the reality behind that and how it influences learners at ALL levels. After exploring the website, i signed up for the newsletter as well. This is for sure a tool I will continue to look into!

Until next time!